New Stock Music Available!

I recently released some new royalty free stock music that I wanted to showcase in this post. We’ll be looking at 3 new diverse tracks today and as always, all are free to download and use. Feel free to use them in your next creative or commercial project.


“When Cat and Mouse Speak”

I was inspired to try something different and create some light-hearted cartoon music. It’s a very simple track that I think will work well with a wide variety of videos.

View Details & Download >

“Intro 041620”

Short and sweet: 5 seconds of awesome rock. Perfect as intro music for branding your YouTube Channel. Rock on!

View Details & Download >

“Our Endless Forest”

I was so happy to finally release this slow ambient piano music. This track works great as background music for short films and various YouTube videos.

I feel like this track took forever to release. I’ve been wanting to do a song like this for a while, and even when I finally got around to recording myself playing piano for 15 minutes, I held on to the audio for about a month until I finally got around to putting the finishing touches on it. It truly felt like an endless forest but I’m very happy with the final result.

View Details & Download >

For more royalty free music, check out my entire collection of free stock music: All Royalty Free Music

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