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About Stock Music Links

Stock Music Links is a passion project from independent composer and musician Carlo Espin (that’s me!) with a simple goal: create some awesome music and give it away for FREE to my fellow content creators.

I’m happy to announce that as of 2022, the project is now finished and the collection of FREE music is finally complete!

Make your next video awesome! Proudly independent, Stock Music Links provides FREE royalty free background music and intros for YouTube and Content Creators, featuring 50+ high quality safe-to-use tracks to choose from (all FREE to download and use).

All music featured on Stock Music Links is Creative Commons music (CC BY 4.0), which means anyone can freely use this music as long as they credit Stock Music Links.

Since launching in January 2020, Stock Music Links has become a trusted source for many talented YouTubers looking for original FREE royalty free background music. Music from Stock Music Links has been featured in some amazing YouTube videos: from travel vlogs to gaming videos, from podcasts to unboxings, from cooking videos to educational films, from personal projects to monetized YouTube videos.

All music is produced by independent composer and musician Carlo Espin (that’s me). Stock Music Links is also home to my blog, which features example work and other posts on the creative process.

So make your next video awesome and join the numerous talented Content Creators who combined have already downloaded music from Stock Music Links hundreds of times!

About Carlo Espin

Hello there!

Carlo here! I’m the creator of Stock Music Links and the composer and musician behind all of this music.

Based out of Toronto, I’ve been performing in various bands and solo projects for over 20 years now and continue to do so today, including playing bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, and/or singing vocals.

During that time, I’ve been able to develop my song writing craft and cultivate a true love and passion for creating music and I’m so excited to continue to share that love and passion with the world.

Part of my mission is to provide talented content creators everywhere with free professional quality stock music to ignite their work and help them create their next masterpiece. In addition to making free music for Stock Music Links, I also create and release other music separate from Stock Music Links, including premium royalty free music (that can purchased and licensed) and my personal albums/EPs/singles.

With that said, I would be honoured if you chose to use my music in your next creative or commercial project.

Rock on!

Carlo Espin
Independent Composer / Musician for Stock Music Links

P.S. When I’m not making stock music, you probably would find me spending time with my wonderful wife, giving treats to my robo hamster Holly, discussing the latest Netflix show I watched with my co-workers at the office, eating delicious sushi, playing bass for a youth band, or trying to better myself. My life is far from perfect, but I am truly blessed to have it.