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THANK YOU to all you awesome Content Creators! The Stock Music Links project is now complete with 50+ tracks, including 10 short intros – all FREE to use in your YouTube videos as long as you credit Stock Music Links in your video description. Check out the entire collection here: All Royalty Free Music

Want to use this song in your next YouTube video? Go for it! It’s free: View Details & Download >

Stock Music Links is a passion project from independent composer and musician Carlo Espin (that’s me!) with a simple goal: create some awesome music and give it away for FREE to my fellow content creators.

Stock Music Links provides FREE safe-to-use Royalty Free Creative Commons Music for YouTubers and Content Creators!

Download and use as many tracks as you’d like for FREE as long as you credit Stock Music Links in your video description. For more details, visit: Music Terms of Use

Optional: Donate $1 (or more) and you can use this music without crediting Stock Music Links. For more info on this option visit: Public “No Attribution” Extended License 

Royalty Free Music for YouTube Videos (FREE Download):

My blog is a great way for me to share example work, feature songs, give updates, share thoughts on the creative process, and just stay connected with y’all awesome content creators out there. Check out my latest posts below!

Awesome Intro Music for Youtube (Free Download)

Make your audience remember you. Are you looking for awesome 5 second intro music for your YouTube Channel? Consider using my FREE original Royalty Free intro tracks below that I’ve made!Adding a consistent, memorable short intro or outro to your YouTube series and videos can leave a lasting impression for your viewers, help brand your…

Welcome back to Stock Music Links! (Oct. 2020 Update)

Hello there! Carlo here. Just wanted to write a quick post to say hello and touch base with y’all. I haven’t been blogging lately but Stock Music Links is still very much active and still up and running! So while I haven’t blogged about new music or featured Example Work recently, rest assured that NEW…

Royalty Free Music for YouTube Cooking Channels (Example Work)

Meet Food Fantastic. They are a Cooking Channel on YouTube sharing fun and delicious recipes with their audience. Recently, they used one of my royalty free tracks as background music for one of their recipe videos.Adding uplifting background music is an effective way to engage your audience and put them in a great mood! Food…

Stock Music Links Reviewed! What a journey so far…

“Being reviewed also allowed me to take a step back and appreciate all the other great moments I’ve been blessed to experience in my creative career.”Carlo Espin Stock Music Links was reviewed for the first time by another website! In this post, I just wanted to share their review and also use it as an…


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