Hello there! Carlo here. Just wanted to write a quick post to say hello and touch base with y’all.

I haven’t been blogging lately but Stock Music Links is still very much active and still up and running!

So while I haven’t blogged about new music or featured Example Work recently, rest assured that NEW free music is still being released every month on Stock Music Links, talented content creators worldwide are still listening and downloading this free music on a daily basis, and I’ve been so impressed with the amazing YouTube videos I’ve come across recently that have used my music. I even recently discovered my music on some other platforms as well, including Facebook, Instagram, and even some Podcasts. So cool!

One major update that I’d like to especially note is that the optional Extended License is now public and available to anyone who makes a donation of any amount. In other words: if you want to use my music WITHOUT crediting Stock Music Links in your video description, all you have to do is make a donation. This will eliminate the need to contact me if you need my permission to use a song without giving credit. Check out more info here: Extended License

That’s it for now. Hope y’all are doing well and if you want to listen to my latest tracks, check out my collection of New Releases.