Royalty Free Music for YouTube Cooking Channels (Example Work)

Meet Food Fantastic. They are a Cooking Channel on YouTube sharing fun and delicious recipes with their audience. Recently, they used one of my royalty free tracks as background music for one of their recipe videos.

Adding uplifting background music is an effective way to engage your audience and put them in a great mood! Food Fantastic’s video is a fantastic example of a Cooking Channel creating an awesome cooking video by combining great visuals, easy to follow directions, and uplifting background music.

Check out Food Fantastic’s recipe video below which features my track “When Hope Rises” throughout the video:

So if you need free royalty free music, including the track Food Fantastic used, check out my full collection of stock music: All Royalty Free Music.


Disclaimer: Featured work is posted here with content creator’s permission and serves strictly as example work only. Unless otherwise noted, it does not represent an endorsement nor sponsorship for or from the content creator.

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