Music for Photography Tutorial Intro (Example Work)

Meet AS Photography. They are a Photography YouTube Channel creating tutorials and videos on photography basics, and they recently used one of my music intros for one of their videos.

Adding a short, memorable music intro to your video is a great way to engage your audience from the start and encourage them to keep watching.

Check out their photography tutorial video below which features my intro music at the start of their video:

So if you need free royalty free intro music, including the intro AS Photography used, check out my collection: Short Intro Music.

You can also just take one of my full length tracks and only use 5-10 seconds of it as a music intro. If you do, I recommend adding a quick fade in and fade out for a smooth transition with the rest of your video. If you need help with this, let me know: Contact Me.

Disclaimer: Featured work is posted here with content creator’s permission and serves strictly as example work only. Unless otherwise noted, it does not represent an endorsement nor sponsorship for or from the content creator.

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