A “Cool” Mechanical Keyboard Intro! (Example Work)

Meet Switch & Click. They are mechanical keyboard enthusiasts offering in depth mechanical keyboard reviews, discussions, and more. They recently used one of my drum and bass songs as part of their intro for a Top 10 video.

It’s always great to see talented content creators using my music in new and interesting ways. I made that vintage drum and bass song to create a cool mysterious mood, but it worked great with their keyboard footage!

Check out their video below which features my song “The Cool Sneaky Detective” at around the 1:23 mark:

So, if you need some free music for your YouTube Channel, check out my Royalty Free Music, which features unique tracks including the one Switch & Click used. 

Also, I can create brand new music for you and if you’re ok with the new music being released as Creative Commons music for others to use as well (you’ll also need to credit me), then I may be able to do it for free! Contact me today and let me know what kind of music you need: Contact Me.

Disclaimer: Featured work is posted here with content creator’s permission and serves strictly as example work only. Unless otherwise noted, it does not represent an endorsement nor sponsorship for or from the content creator.

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