Rediscover Your Art Through Collaboration

Feedback and collaboration can be transformation for your creative work. Through collaboration I was able to turn one of my older songs into a ’90s retro pop rock track.

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with a YouTube Channel that became interested in using one of my songs for a future vid. They were looking for a retro upbeat ’90s type song and considered using one of my older songs called “Let’s Do This!” for their video.

Here’s how the original version of “Let’s Do This!” sounded:

The original version of “Let’s Do This!”

To be honest, I never considered that song to be ’90s sounding but their feedback made me see my own song in a new light. I started to reimagine “Let’s Do This!” as a ’90s song and with more feedback from this content creator, I created an extended version for them to use.

I embraced the retro feel and added more classic synths, mixed it to bring out the drums more to get that powerful old school rock sound, and then remastered the whole thing. They ended up using it for their video!

Here’s how the new extended and remastered version of “Let’s Do This!” sounds like:

The new extended and remastered version of “Let’s Do This!”

In fact, I loved this new version of “Let’s Do This!” so much, I replaced the older version with it. I would have never created this extended remastered version without their feedback.

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes and ears to take a look at your art and give you valuable feedback that can take your work to exciting new directions.

So if you ever want to rediscover your art, try collaborating with others and getting their feedback. They may make valuable suggestions, help categorize your work, or encourage you to make a new version of your work that you may end up loving more than the original.

I know that’s what happened with me.

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